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“The wonder 500™” project is a regionally-driven Cool Japan project run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, designed to discover proud “local products, but not yet known outside of Japan”, and then promote them around the world. We are honored to announce that our black Edo Kiriko “KUROCO Tamaichimatsu” was chosen as one of the items.

Please check out the other excellent items that were chosen.

Our original Edo Kiriko is available on the well-known TV shopping network, Shop Channel shopping site and catalog.
The traditional motif of layered palisade, and the modern Edo Kiriko glass “moon” expressing the waxing and the waning of the moon. We are confident in both products, and would like many people to see them.
Also, they will be introduced in tonight’s show.
Please enjoy the show.
●Shop Channel shopping site
●Shop Channel On-Air information
July 13 AM1:00-

Our original Edo Kiriko old glass, and sake cups appeared on July 1 issue of newspaper inserts for Isetan Shinjuku Store, Mitsukoshi Ginza Store, and Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Store. They are also available at the information counter of each stores.
●Isetan Shinjuku Store
●Mitsukoshi Ginza Store
●Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Store

Our pitch-black Edo Kiriko, “KUROCO” was introduced in below magazines.
Thank you very much.
■OCEANS (latest number)
July 2015 / No.112 Price 780 yen (tax incl.)
■Precious (May Issue)
May 2015 Price 850 yen (tax incl.)

Our product “es” was introduced in the pages of the latest number of ELLE a table. Also, it is currently available in the catalog and online shopping site of Katei Gahou. Purchase is available, so please use the service.
■ELLE a table (July issue)
JULY 2015/No.80 Special Price 980yen (tax incl.)
■Katei Gahou Selection 2015 Summer
This is a mail-shopping catalog, so purchase from the catalog is available.
Items are also available on Katei Gahou online shopping site.